Are you considering moving into land as an asset class? Learn how to evaluate land as a saleable asset-what to consider in prospecting, selling, and closing.

Time Session Title Presenter(s) Session Description Location CoP
11 – 11:30 Instagram Soraya Herbert & Tess Vismale Get the lowdown on curating an Instagram channel that POPS! A social media maven will walk you through optimizing your handle and bio, understanding and mastering hashtags, building a posting strategy, and connecting to a targeted audience with content that delights, inspires and converts. Tech Bar – Conf. Ctr. A MM 12 – 12:30 LinkedIn Soraya Herbert & Tess Vismale Want a professional-looking website with a simple backend to match?  Drop by this session to get an overview of a few website building platforms that anyone can easily get started on – no previous experience required!  Give your business or personal brand a facelift today! Tech Bar – Conf. Ctr. A MM 1 – 1:30 Facebook Soraya Herbert & Tess Vismale From hashtags to Facebook LIVE, learn alout all the features that will get you established on Facebook. Get to know the power of Facebook at this session. Learn how to build a community and brand voice, how to manage your business page, developingeffective and manageable communication, and engagement and response strategy. Tech Bar – Conf. Ctr. A MM
1 – 2:30 Real Estate Auctions – Protecting Yourself Legally Michael Fine, CAI, AARE The most common ways Real Estate agents get used, licence portability from sea to shining sea, putting Kevlar into your auction listing agreement and how to protect yourself and your brand. Daytona RE
1 – 2:30 Multigenerational Businesses Sherm Hostetter, CAI, AARE, BAS, CES, GPPA Many longstanding auction businesses employ family as the core group of workers. Sherm Hostetter will show you how to sustain this business model long-term, balancing the needs of your family and your business to keep them both functioning. City Terrace 10 MM
1 – 2:30 Did the Courts Really Say That? Practical Legal Analysis of Auction Law Cases and What They Really Mean George Michak It can be easy to read a court case and understand decisions. Sometimes, though, it’s more difficult to imagine how those decisions are put into practice. George Michak will highlight some auction law cases that affect you and explain how. City Terrace 11 MM
1: – 2:30 Luxury Real Estate Craig King, CAI, AARE Are you looking to get into a new class of real estate? Craig King will discuss how to find, market, and sell high-end real estate. City Terrace 7 RE
1 – 2:30 Contract Auction Specialist, Day 2 Peter Gehres, CAI, CAS, CES & Charles Nicholls, CAS CAS – Additional Registration required City Terrace 8 CO
1 – 2:30 237 Steps to Success: Developing Business Processes Megan McCurdy Niedens, CAI, BAS As your business grows, so should your operating procedures, policies and processes. Learn from Megan McCurdy Niedens how you can automate and standardize your business through process development. Boardroom 4 MM
1 – 2:30 How to Evaluate Land Kevin Jordan, CAI/row_column] City Terrace 6 RE
1 – 2:30 Anatomy of a Benefit Auction If the world of benefit auctions and fundraising is becoming more and more attractive to you, be sure to join Jenelle for an overview of benefit auctions-how to maximize your fundraising and run a fun event! Jenelle Taylor, CAI, BAS City Terrace 12 BA
1 – 2:30 Branding For Benefits The Benefit Auction world is getting more and more crowded and   an effective branding strategy can help you stand out. Misty Marquam brings her experience to this session on how you can develop a winning brand and use that brand in your marketing! Misty Marquam, BAS City Terrace 9 BA
2 – 3:00 Web Design & Visual Marketing Soraya Herbert, Tess Vismale Visual marketing has become a key component for many businesses’ marketing strategy on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Utilizing good visuals will make your marketing more powerful and more memorable. Join us to get an overview of these social platforms as well as apps and tools to create simple, yet polished visuals. Learn how you can leverage all of these tools to build on your business’s marketing strategy. Tech Bar/Conference Center A MM
3 – 4:00 Google Adwords Ambra Sanner, AMM & Billie Jo Glisson, CAI, AMM Are you using Google adwords? Are you using them as effectively as you can? Ambra Sanner and Billie Jo Glisson will help you maximize your advertising exposure and interpret your stats to increase the reach and effectiveness of your ad buys. City Terrace 9 MM
3 – 4:00 Becoming an Expert David Whitaker, CAI One of the best ways to bring people to your doorstep (or email) is to position yourself as an expert. But even when you have that knowledge, how can you convince everyone else? David Whitaker will show you techniques on how to be regarded as an expert in your asset class. City Terrace 10 PCA
3- 4:00 Overcoming the complexity of working with non-profits. Seeing Eye to Eye Dee Dee Kiesow, BAS Non-profit organizations by design are difficult. Some resemble leaky boats needing corks to stay afloat, some, giant cruise ships staffed deck by deck with no voyage plan,to everything in-between. Nearly all have one thing in common.  They need to raise as much money as possible as quickly as possible.  Dee Dee Kiesow, non-profit expert,will take you on a journey to decipher who your client is, what they think, where they are coming from, when they raise the most money, and how they operate. You will understand Transactional versus Relationship fundraising and leave seeing your next client eye to eye.  No life jacket required. City Terrace 11 BA
3 – 4:00 Government RFPs as a Potential Revenue Source Chris Vauhgan, CAI, AARE, AMM If you’re not submitting bids for governmental RFP’s, you’re passing up a potential revenue source. Chris Vaughan will discuss how to find RFP’s and how to put your best foot forward in your submissions. City Terrace 6 RE, PCA
3 – 4:00 Improv Skills Suzanne Cios Krainock, CAI, BAS Get out of your comfort zone and learn how improvisation can help you get unblocked, out of your “head” and ultimately a more confident and braver YOU! The coolest and most amazing lessons come from pushing ourselves to do challenging things so, “Don’t think, Learn Improv” and unlock your funny! Daytona BA
3 – 4:00 Women in the Auction Industry Lisa York, CAI, AMM Women gain a stronger foothold in the auction industry each year. In this discussion led by Lisa York, our panelists will discuss some of the challenges they have faced and overcome since becoming auctioneers. From obtaining government contracts to working auto auctions, they will take a dive into the world as they know it and offer advice on breaking into the industry! City Terrace 12 MM
3 – 4:00 Turn Your Mobile Device into a Smart Computer Soraya Herbert & Tess Vismale More and more professionals are living on their mobile device, and doing more and more in the palm of their hands rather than being tethered to your desktop all day. In this session we will show you how you can have your ‘smart computer’ in your back pocket and deliver the same results or even more than when being in the office. Tech Bar/Conf Ctr A MM